Monday, September 14, 2015

Happy 20th to my EC

So my wife comes home from work and as usual we have the discussion of what to have for dinner. It is now 6:00pm and my oldest daughter has just, 20 minutes ago, put potatoes in the oven. We can have baked potatoes in an hour or we can resort to a plan B. My oldest daughter says, how about dad takes mom on a date for their anniversary and we can do something else for dinner.  And that is how we got kicked out of the house to celebrate our 20th anniversary alone.
We couldn't just waste this alone time eating so we hurried over to the local Home Depot to buy a new light switch we have been meaning to replace for the last month. My lovely EC didn't want to put her shoes back on yet so she stayed in the car to research food options since we have only lived in Ohio for 3 months while I shopped.  When I got back to the car she had limited it down to two local restaurants and Red Lobster.  It has been fun to try new places and explore Northeast Ohio so we decided to be truly adventurous and try the endless shrimp at Red Lobster.
As any normal couple in 2015 does we immediately sat down and pulled out our cell phones to share the latest and greatest Internet finds of the past week.  That is when we realized that we have just as much ridiculous material to share and what better way to spend our 20th anniversary than to start a blog at a restaurant during shrimp round #3.
We were briefly interrupted when the oldest child called to say she aced her math midterm in her first college math class and asked permission to go out for ice cream to celebrate.  We haven't reminded her yet that she is technically an adult and doesn't need to ask permission because it's still kind of adorable and funny.
Back to the blog...  It may have been the shrimp talking but we were on a roll brainstorming names like "20 years to Eternal Life" and "the next 20" and it got much worse until we decided on DysFUNction Mormon Style since that describes our framily (friends and family) so well.
We wanted to write a brilliant first post together but this is all you get.  Mostly because we have three teenage girls at home who think that us staying out past 9 on a school night is irresponsible.  They prefer to have family prayers by 8:30pm and head to bed because they are weird and were obviously switched at birth with some other people's children.  The other reason is that the shrimp really did start talking and it said STOP for the love of all that is holy, you have had way too much!


  1. I think the shrimp starting talking and said "HELP, LET ME OUT!"

  2. Laughing over here. Can't wait to read the next post. Miss you guys, life isn't as fun without you guys.

  3. Wonderful. We love it. Happy Anniversary we love you guys. Mom and dad

  4. Wonderful. We love it. Happy Anniversary we love you guys. Mom and dad